(Likely) benefits and technical summary

The Wing is possibly the most exciting new development in heavy vehicle aerodynamics for many years, upgrading the aerodynamic profile of many existing trailers and improving fuel economy dramatically. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves... These are early days and we are still conducting many computer simulation tests to understand its full potential.


What we think so far is that the Wing could make a standard box trailer replicate the savings shown by a more sophisticated and streamlined design.


This is exciting because:


- The standard box trailer is the industry standard. They are everywhere, approximately 150,000 in the UK alone.

- Everyone wants to make fuel savings.

- But not everyone can afford the best streamlined trailers.

- You shouldn’t have to replace new trailers just because they are inefficient, instead why not make them better.

- Upgrading to include a Wing will be much cheaper.


A completely unique and novel way of making trucks more aerodynamic, the Wing concept is the result of extensive design

and development work. We focus our efforts on trying to understand what the logistics industry needs by working with truck operators at every stage of the design and development process.


Working in partnership with the University of Bath's Department of Mechanical Engineering, aerodynamic studies and wind tunnel tests are being made to refine and improve the design further.


We are keen to work with more people and welcome any feedback or offers of assistance you may be able to provide.



The Wing is protected by Patent Application GB1215714.5



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