Benefits and technical summary

At motorway speeds, the effect of aerodynamic drag is the dominant force acting against your vehicle and causing you to burn fuel. By making simple changes to the shape of your vehicle you can have a dramatic impact on your fuel economy and carbon emissions.

The Tail demonstrates that the simplest ideas are often the best. We've conducted over 10,000 miles of testing and the results speak for themselves:


Motorway Driving:      up to 12% fuel saving (8.5% average)

City Driving:                up to 9% fuel saving (5.9% average)


In only a few minutes it can be fitted around the doors of your van and will greatly improve its aerodynamic shape, saving you fuel and money straight away.


The Tail has the following benefits:


- Saves you up to 20p per litre of fuel

- Can be fitted (or removed) in 2 minutes without any tools

- Can be moved from one vehicle to another

- Does not block the doors or get in your way

- Shows your customers you care about the environment

- Pays for itself in less than a year


The Tail is protected by Patent Application GB1221427.6



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