Benefits and technical summary

Airflow sweeping under the body of the trailer increases the vehicle drag due to chaotic turbulence and pressure drag on the under-body structures, including the wheels and the axles. This under-body drag increases considerably with crosswind effects. Trailer skirts minimize the under-body drag by covering these structures from the forward airflow and crosswinds.


Based on UK wind statistics, the corresponding wind-averaged drag reductions due to the trailer skirts are estimated at 4 - 6%. An average 40 tonne articulated lorry, driving 70,000 miles a year, would save £2,400* every year if a 5% fuel saving was achieved.


Independent fuel trials conducted by MIRA showed the following results:


2.9% average fuel saving when driving at 56 mph

2.4% average fuel saving when driving at 40 mph

1.1% average fuel saving when driving at 30 mph


With these results an Aerotails side skirt could pay for itself after only 9 months of use.


*data supplied by the Freight Transport Association

Return on Investment

How quickly will the cost be recovered by fuel savings?


Installation Time

How long does it take to fit and where is the work done?


No Trailer Downtime

When fitting the skirt can the trailer remain in service?


Retro-fit to any Trailer

Can the skirt be fitted to any trailer, regardless of model or age?


Low Profile Design

Is the original look of the vehicle maintained?


Integrated Damage Prevention

Is the skirt protected from scrapes and light damage?


Lightweight Design

Is the weight of the skirt less than 26kg per trailer?


Easy to Repair

Can the skirt be repaired easily on site?


Easily Recyclable

Can the skirt be recycled easily at end of life?



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