In the beginning... In 2011, whilst working with a university friend on an award winning start-up engineering business, I began to notice some exciting new changes on our roads. Perhaps it was the long hours spent in traffic jams, but in the last few years, trucks were starting to look cool. A design revolution was under way... humped trailers, curved fronts, drop down backs and fibreglass shaped skirts had all started to appear. But these were all new vehicles, was there a way to produce a low cost product that could be fitted to any vehicle, old or new? Could I make my old van (or truck) a bit more efficient, without big expensive changes? The answer was yes, and Aerotails was formed soon afterwards in 2012. What has happened since? A lot can happen in a couple years. Since forming the business our small team have created three new products, all of which can be easily fitted to nearly any make or age of vehicle and can start saving fuel straight away. The aim was to create simple aerodynamic improvements that save fuel without the driver needing to do anything differently. Simplicity was the key. We've got many more ideas we want to develop but at some point you have to stop thinking of new ideas and get the existing ones out there. Please have a look through the website and tell us what you think. Ed Elias Founder & Managing Director

The team


Ed and his team are advised by a number of great organisations whose in-depth expertise in advanced engineering and business management help to make Aerotails the success it can be.


Dr. Ed Elias PhD MEng


I've always loved cars growing up, and built a mini after leaving school. At university I studied mechanical and manufacturing engineering going on to do a PhD in User-Centred Eco-Design. Which basically means designing energy-efficient products that work with, instead of against, people's natural habits and behaviour.

Our ethos


We believe that honesty and simplicity is essential to all that we do. We strive to make all our ideas show these key benefits:


1. They save you money, carbon and fuel straight away. No difficult fitting, long driver training or lead times required.


2. They are low cost. We want the payback times to be as fast as possible since saving the earth shouldn't cost it.


3. They show your current (and future) customers you are doing something to help the environment. These are clear and visible signs that your customers will understand and appreciate.



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