We believe that with simple, low-cost products we can make a big difference to the low-carbon future of vehicle travel. Our expertise in aerodynamics, engineering and design is making this possible...

Start saving money and fuel in less than 2 minutes! Our signature product will save you money and show your customers how much you care about the environment.


Current road tests show an increase of up to 12% at motorway speeds!

The Tail is protected by patent application: GB1221427.6



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An aerodynamic side skirt for both rigid trucks and articulated trailers, which streamlines the vehicle shape and reduces the impact of cross-winds on fuel economy.


Save fuel and money with this effective, low cost and quick to install side skirt.

MIRA tested fuel savings of up to 3% shown, paying for itself in less than a year!

The Skirt is protected by patent application: GB1216911.6


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A revolution in aerodynamics for articulated trucks and trailers, the Wing controls airflow over the vehicle minimising turbulence and reducing drag.


We are currently looking for partners to help us bring this to market!

Simulation tests suggest an 8 - 12% fuel saving.

The Wing is protected by patent application: GB1215714.5



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